Flash Mob


people have done this

Organize one: Contact your 100 closest friends. Invite them to join you at a specific public place at a specific time – the more traffic at the public place, the better. Think train station, city hall, mall, etc. Tell your friends to invite their closest friends, too. Have everyone download the card below and print out 50 copies to bring with them to the flash mob site. Synchronize watches. At the designated moment, everyone will assume the star position: standing up, legs spread, arms out; so your arms, legs and head make the five points of a star. Hold the position for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, everyone returns to normal standing position, reaches into their pockets and pulls out the cards they printed out, to hand to passers by. Participate in one: Say “yes” when asked to do the above. Download flash mob cards.

Want to talk about this with someone? Call or email Jessica at American Refugee Committee:

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