Organize a tea party


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Invite friends over for tea, Somali-style, and conversation. You can buy Somali teas here. Or you can make your own Somali Spiced Tea (Shaah) with this recipe: SOMALI SPICED TEA (SHAAH): You will need to use a kettle or enamel jug which can be put directly on the stove, as all the ingredients are cooked together in a pot on open heat. To six cups of tea you will need: 5 cups of water 4 whole cardamoms, crushed 4 whole cloves a stick of cinnamom slice of ginger (optional) 4 tsp good quality black tea (7 teabags tied together) 1.5 cups fresh whole milk 1/4 cup sugar (or guests may add their own) In a stove top proof kettle, add the water, spices and ginger. When it comes to a boil, add the tea bags. Let boil 1 minute and add the milk. Reduce, add sugar and let it come to a boil again. Strain and serve. Download and print out several copies of the star below, take photos or videos of guests holding them and share them on Facebook or Flicker. Collect donations for Somalia Famine Relief, and submit them on our Donate page.

Download Blue Star

Want to talk about this with someone? Call or email Jessica at American Refugee Committee:

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